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The Future of Construction

XTEK Systems has had a long standing (16 years) R&D collaboration relationship with Technology Partner AdCT in Germany.  This collaboration has resulted in the final development of the highly innovative Non-Autoclaved (NACC) XCELL® Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC) for the international construction industry markets.

The NACC CLC technology has been primarily achieved through the seven-year development of the Patented Colloidal Suspension Mixer (CSM).  With the CSM technology ultra-fine suspensions of Cement/Fly-Ash or GGBS (Ground Granulated Blastfurnace Slag) binders or combinations of these binders are optimally produced.  These innovations result in the XCELL® CLC end products being both economical and eco friendly to manufacture.

A further key technology development is the hybrid XCELL® aeration agent.  With the XCELL® aeration agent, different cell/pore sizes and distribution structures can be created in the XCELL® CLC matrix in order to produce similar matrix structures that are present in normal concretes using different aggregate and sand fractions.

Xtek Systems is a subsidiary of UREG International Plc.