The Future of Construction

The main XTEK Systems Franchise features and market opportunities are as follows:


  • XTEK Systems is the Master Franchise Holder for the South African market place, as per the Franchise Agreement with AdVANTEK Ltd. Mauritius.

  • Low Capital costs for the XTEK MonoQUBE® Mobile Manufacturing Plants, resulting in low market entry barriers.

  • Lowest system cost and highest quality per m² of building construction, compared with any other conventional construction method.

  • XTEK Franchise holders are given comprehensive training, including Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manuals with all the relevant quality norms, including pre-defined house design guidelines, that form an integral part of the overall Franchise agreement.

  • A further XTEK objective, is the enabling of disadvantaged communities to pool financial resources in order to give them an opportunty to become Franchise holders.  Comprehensive training will be provided by XTEK, to ensure the capability of constructing high quality houses for their own and other communities.

  • XTEK revenue stream comes from the sale of the Franchise and Manufacturing equipment, moulds, MonoQUBE® 3D steel reinforcing mesh and XCELL® Aeration Agent.

  • The XTEK MonoQUBE® construction systems primary target markets is:  Mid-income first time Home Owners,  Young start-up singles, couples and family’s etc..

  • XTEK PalletPOD construction sytsem is aimed primarily at the mass entry level Affordable MICRO Housing market, for which the Gauteng Province alone has budgeted R6 Bill. for the next Financial Year.