MonoQUBE – Technology

The Future of Construction

The XTEK Systems MonoQUBE Rapid On-Site Construction Technology Benefits

Key benefits of the XTEK MonoQUBE rapid construction technology are summarised as follows:

  • The XTEK Panel manufacturing units are housed in 40ft. High-top containers that are positioned directly at the construction site and require minimal energy to operate. The Panel manufacturing unit can operate on a 24Hr. shift basis if required and is operated by 3 low skill operators. One operater runs the Mixer unit.

  • The XTEK Mixing/Aeration units are housed in 20ft. standard shipping containers and supply the CLC mix with pumps in the required densities directly to the Panel manufacturing unit.

  • The only components that are transported to the construction site are the 3D steel reinforcing mesh elements, cement and aeration agent, thereby drastically reducing material volumes and transport costs.

  • A single type of XTEK MonoQUBE Panel Element is used for the floor, walls and roof in the house construction, resulting in a drastic reduction of building components compared with conventional construction methods.

  • The XTEK MonoQUBE Panel elements have a high level finish. The interior wall surface only requires painting, whilst the exterior wall surface can have any type of integrated textures such as wood, natural stone finish etc. and can be coloured with pigment oxides.

  • All electrical and sanitation services can be installed in the cavities before they are filled with low density +-400kg/m3 CLC. Final mains connections can be completed by qualified contractors within a short time frame, resulting in further cost savings.

  • Once all the Panel cavities have been filled, the entire structure becomes monolithic (integral) with exceptional overall structural strength when compared with conventional structures.

  • A single story 100m² House can be constructed within 5 days by 3 low-skilled personel and is expected to cost in the region of 25 000 to 30 000 Euro (excluding finishes, fenestration and doors).

  • The CLC aerated concrete is light-weight, with densities ranging from 400 to 1000kg/m³ compared with normal concrete which has a density of +-2400ky/m³. This feature results in a substantially lower dead weight for the entire structure and cost savings for foundations.

  • CLC is highly insulating, fire/rot proof and sound absorbing, resulting in a superior passive energy efficient ecological structure, that by default incorporates a healthier living environment for the inhabitants.

  • The final outcome of the XTEK construction system for the end-customer is a substantially more cost effective superior quality structure, with the additional benefit of being exceptionally energy efficient (low heating/cooling costs) and more environmentally friendly.