XTEK PalletPOD – Construction Process

The Future of Construction

The XTEK SYSTEMS PalletPOD Construction Process

The XTEK PalletPod construction system utilises the same XCELL® CLC technology, however, there is no requirement for the Panel Manufacturing Unit. The XTEK PalletPod Concept is in line with international trend for the development of high quality MICRO houses, based on a more with less principle.

PalletPod takes this approach to another level; by up-cycling used transport pallets that are slightly modified and through the modification become integrated floor, wall and roof elements. The modified pallet units are fastened together by means of simple locking devices and after the assembly is completed, filled with XCELL® CLC providing a high strength integrated final structure.

Used Pallets can be obtained in the SA market for R 50-80 per unit. The simple Pallet modification process provides the additional benefit of creating low-skilled job opportunities for disadvantaged communities in both urban and rural areas.

XTEK PalletPod Ultra Low-cost MICRO House Construction animation: