XTEK PalletPOD – Technology

The Future of Construction

The XTEK PalletPOD® Low-tech Panel Advantage

  • The PalletPOD® Panel Technology (Patent Pending) consists of only two key elements:

  • The base elements are modified used and re-purposed standard pallets enabling rapid connection and assembly and create the load-bearing framework for the structures.

Benefits of XTEK PalletPOD® Low-tech Panel Advantage

The pallets principally function as “Lost Forms” and form an integrated framework with the cast in place CLC, resulting in the final panel elements.   Key advantages of this system are:

  • All electrical and plumbing services can be simply and quickly installed in the pallet before filling the voids with XCELL® CLC.

  •  One standard PalletPOD® Panel type is used for the floor, walls and roof of the structure.

  • Once filled with XCELL® CLC, the cured concrete results in a high strength monolithic structure.

  • By Using the pallets as a modular construction system, many different designs and sizes are realisable.

The XTEK Systems XCELL® CLC Concrete Technology

  • The second element ist the XCELL® Cellular Lightweight Concrete technology (CLC), which is generated on site and pumped into the pallet voids.

The XTEK Systems XCELL® CLC Technology

  • XTEK Systems Pty. Ltd. is the exclusive South African License Holder for the XCELL® CLC Technology.

  • Densities from as low as 400Kg/m³ to 1000Kg/m³ can be produced. Standard Ready Mix concretes have a density between 2400 and 2500Kg/m³.

  • Substantial reduction in raw material requirements, resulting in lower costs per m³.

  • XCELL® CLC concretes achieve major reductions in the dead weight of structures allowing for simpler, more cost effective foundations.

  • Lower XCELL® CLC densities result in higher insulation and sound absorbing values, permitting the construction of low energy houses with superior thermal performance at an affordable price.

  • Ultra competitive Price/Performance per m² of construction.